About 5070

5070 is a group of individuals each month creating a new poster based upon a theme. The outcome is then published here on the site and later maybe exhibited somewhere away from the keyboard.


General questions: kontakt@5070.se
Interested in buying: antonia@5070.se

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is this?

5070 is a group of individuals who every month creates a poster based upon a given theme. The hub is a mailing list where all the posters are discussed.

And, why is this?

Because sometimes you just want (and maybe need) to create something without a proper client. 5070 strives to be an inspiration and creative outlet for it’s members as much as a network of fun people. A place where an inflitable plastic tree is welcome. The main theme is to display something new in terms of graphic design and illustration. If we can give you something to think about we are more than pleased.

Who is behind this?

Martin Löfqvist, initial idea in collaboration with Jonas Nordin. Amazing Isak Burström has done all the intricate www technology.

Can I join?

Maybe! Send an e-mail to kontakt@5070.se and tell us why you wan’t to join. And send some examples of stuff you have done.

So, is the posters here for sale?

Here is the deal — they WILL be for sale. Right now we haven’t figured out the logistics behind all that. Let us know if you are interested in buying anything.

Can I sell you posters at my store?

If you are a nice store with good manners we will probably let you sell the posters. Talk to us!

Can you please notify me when this updates?

Oh yes we can! Just sign up for the newsletter!

Okay, that’s all. Thank you!


Press inquires: martin@5070.se



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